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Reduce your carbon emissions and increase heat transfer 300%! Stay warm and help prevent climate change with a RADIANT FIRE GRATE - the Hottest thing in fireplaces!!

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It's all in the wood placement...

Our radiant fire grate provides many green benefits:

Increased heat transfer The ability to reduce carbon dioxide emissions
reduces harmful pollution An efficient burning system that reduces toxic pollution
cut back on wood splitting The ability to use waste wood or bio-mass as fuel
engineered and tested A heating system that reduces the total up and down stream generation of carbon emissions, from local product manufacturing through to the energy efficient end use.
conforms to EPA Clean Air recommendations

Patented proven design conforms to EPA recommendations (EPA/600/SR-98/174) and particulate emissions standards of the Clean Air Washington Act 1991

Other benefits include:

Increased heat transfer Increased heat transfer rate up to 300%
lower cost then fireplace insert Cost savings compared to other heating systems
cut back on wood splitting Reduced time spent on wood splitting
engineered and tested Scientifically engineered and tested
unstoked burn times of up to 6 hours "Hands off" performance provides unstoked burn times of up to 6 hours

Light the fire and enjoy the benefits of a clean efficient burn. Start up is a breeze and frequent fueling a thing of the past.

There are two sizes of the Radiant Fire Grate: large (13" high and 17" deep) and small (9" high and 12" deep). They are freestanding and can be adjusted to accommodate almost any log's length.

Clean Efficient Radiant Heat

As a homeowner, I want to do as much as I can to reduce my carbon dioxide emissions and help mitigate the threat of climate change – with a Radiant Fire Grate, I am able to reduce my emissions through efficient wood heating, and at the same time, stay nice and warm, and significantly reduce the cost of heating my home.

Jacquie M. Storey, Oak Bay, BC

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