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Ron Telfer - Firegrate InventorAfter High School in Glasgow, Scotland, and a stint as a National Serviceman with the Royal Navy, Ronald Telfer received his professional training in Chemical Engineering at the University of Glasgow and Strathclyde University. (Formerly Royal Technical College). Emigrating to Canada in 1956 he enjoyed a career with several multinationals in the North American chemical industry.

In the early 70's, he turned his expertise towards improving wood combustion for home heating, after his first experience with harsh Canadian winter conditions while living in Quebec.

Fire Grate – Fireplace AccessoryAfter years of research and many modifications, the result is the Eco-Friendly Radiant Fire Grate, the most efficient wood burning system in the world for open fire places.

Splitting wood for combustion is historically a throwback to the old colonial days. The only reason wood was split was so it would literally fit in the coal burning cookstoves and grates imported into North America from Britain.

He discovered by burning wood in its natural round state (unsplit), not only produces more heat but also minimizes greenhouse gases, dioxins, furans and creosote type emissions due to efficient combustion. In tandem with his fire grate, heat transfer is increased up to 300% in an eco-friendly burn. International patents and EPA approvals shortly followed.

Since retirement in 1995 he devotes his time and chemical expertise to the environmental movement and teaching the eco and financial benefits of efficient wood combustion.


ASTM Task Force

Company of Master Mariners of Canada
Vancouver Division

Ron is active in Scottish cultural affairs with the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS) and the St. Andrew's Society. He maintains a connection with HMCS DONNACONA, the Montreal Naval Reserve Unit in which he served as Commanding Officer from 1972-75, is a member of Royal Canadian Legion Branch 62 in Salmon Arm, is a member of CFSA Esquimalt Squadron and an Associate Member of NADEN Wardroom

Clean Efficient Radiant Heat
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