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How to use your Radiant Fire Grate

Just follow these 5 easy steps

fire grate step one For large grates, use a 9 inch diameter log (6 inch diameter log for small grates) that's at least twelve inches in length on the lower log rests, in the rear of the firebox.
fire grate step two Add paper, kindling and smaller pieces of wood in front of the log and rotate the upper log rest in to secure it. Next add a 6" or 4" log on top of the upper log rest leaning diagonally on the large log below.
fire grate step three Light the fire, when the kindling in front burns down, simply rotate the upper rests away allowing the upper log (6 inch or 4 inch) to drop and replace the kindling.
fire grate step four Replace the upper rests again and place a new log on top to continue the cycle.
fire grate step five When the large log burns down, pull the coals forward and replace with another log to continue the radiant heat benefits of the grate.

Enjoy the benefits of a clean efficient burn that makes start up a breeze and frequent fueling a thing of the past.

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